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A complete Guide to Starting, and Growing a Successful Jewelry Business Online. In this book, You will Learn how to successfully sell jewelry online: from dreaming the business to setting it up and running it legally and profitably.

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A Must Read For Any Business Leader Who Wants To Thrive In This Time Of Disruptive Change

These book is a practical guide, which covers all aspects of starting a successful Jewelry business online. It contains strategies, tips, illustrations, and counsels, which will propel one to start and succeed in these industry.

Aisha Ochuwa


Some Chapters Included

Let’s explore a couple of topics addressed in this Book

The value of having a business plan cannot be overemphasized. Although not compulsory, it is necessary because it gives clarity, and is a timeless guide to a well-defined goal. Learn More in the Book.
Any brand you choose will be reflected on your business name, pricing and advertising, so your brand must reflect the personality of your business. Understand branding deeper as you read thisBook.

There are so many ways to fund a business but the focus in this chapter is to highlight how to fund a small scale online Jewellery business and how each option can help grow your business.

What People Are Saying

This entrepreneurs had this to say about the Book

“Aisha’s knowledge and experience on running a successful jewelry business is priceless. the insights I got from this book has opened my eyes to some lucrative opportunities in the ecommerce cyberspace”

Vera David

“From understanding the needs of millennials to powerful marketing and customer strategies that drive sustained growth. This book offers a comprehensive guide to starting a successful jewelry business online.”

Victoria Ojo
Fashion Designer

“When it comes to mapping the brand new terrain of operating a jewelry business in a digital dispensation, Aisha is miles ahead of the curve. Her book serves up a detailed and flexible plan of attack that will prove invaluable to entrepreneurs starting a business in this niche.”

Abraham Tahbat
Web Developer

About The Author

Aisha Ochuwa Tella is a Lawyer and serial entrepreneur who has been in the jewelry business since her teenage years. Having gathered enough experience in the field, and through her fair share of starting over and correction of major avoidable mistakes, she has put it upon herself to draft a guide on how to successfully run an online jewellery business.

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